Dear Edgerton Resident,
Please help the City of Edgerton plan for the future. Residents are being asked to participate in a survey designed to gather opinions and feedback on local government programs and services provided by the City and our service partners.

We greatly appreciate your time.
We understand that this survey takes time to complete, but believe every question is important. The information received as part of this survey will help your local elected officials understand the community needs and wants to better prioritize your valuable city resources. Individual responses will remain confidential.

The survey data will be compiled and analyzed by the City’s consultant ETC Institute. ETC Institute is one of the nation’s leading firms in the field of local government research. ETC will present the findings to the City this spring. These compiled findings will also be published in the City’s newsletter. If you have any questions, you may contact City Hall at (913) 893-6231.

Thank you for your participation!